Clean The Inside Of My Car

clean the inside of my car

    my car

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clean the inside of my car - Clean Air

Clean Air Kit

Clean Air Kit

Eliminate both causes of interior car odors with the Clean Air Combo! Odors in your vehicle come from two sources: things you put into the car (i.e. pizza boxes, gym clothes, pets, etc.) or mildew that forms in the vehicle?s heating and air system. This medley of odors can leave your car smelling less than fresh. The Clean Air Kit eliminates both causes of car odor so you can breathe easy inside your vehicle. The Clean Air Kit consists of two of the best air freshening products on the market: Clean Air Duct Treatment and Clean Air Genie fogging air freshener. Many air fresheners cover up odors with a strong fragrance or they eliminate odors in the air but not those that are trapped in fabrics and carpet. The Clean Air Kit eliminates odors in the air, in seats, in carpet, and in air ducts. These products are not perfume-smelling cover-ups; they are aggressive odor eliminators that leave a fresh, clean scent that is inviting, never overwhelming. The Clean Air Kit is the total solution to car interior odors. First, use Clean Air Duct Treatment to remove odors from your vehicle?s heating and air systems. Then let the Clean Air Genie release an odor-eliminating fog that fills up the passenger cabin. Let the vehicle air out for 5-10 minutes with the windows open before driving. The scent will diminish gradually, leaving only a clean, fresh smell to compliment your clean, well-kept interior. Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air. This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

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inside my everyday pack

inside my everyday pack

My junk. Yes, I have a lot of junk. Yes, I carry this everyday. Don't ask me why I carry 3 flashlights (5 if you count the one on the pen one more on the multi-tool) - I can't answer that question either.

Also, I'm looking for a similarly sized bag that has more pockets for organizing my stuff.

The contents of the kit just left of center are in another photo in this stream.

Clean me

Clean me

Tuesday 26th January

An out of focus photo taken while sitting in my car at work's car park. If you squint you'll see the thing on the left is my revometer in my car. What you will probably notice more is the amount of dust on my lens. Which even I had no idea about.

Reminds me I need to clean the inside of my car and my camera.

clean the inside of my car

clean the inside of my car

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